Who are you?!

Who we are?!

Our products

We’re no Walmart, Home Depot, IKEA, Barnes & Nobel or Amazon.
They sell tens of thousands, maybe even hundreds of thousands of products.

We don’t.

Our store might have 100 products in the future. Maybe even 150 or 200, but that’s it!
In order to be allowed access to our store, products have to be special! 
Many products would like to enter our store but we select only those products that are…. well, just read the sentences above…

Our philosophy

We want ooooh’s and aaaah’s when you are shopping in our online store.
You’ve already seen all the other stores on the Internet (well, at least most of them…).
When you shop at our store, we want things to be different, unique.
Each of you is a unique individual so you deserve a unique experience while browsing our store.

There will be some more ooooh’s and aaaah’s the moment you receive the product(s).
We will only provide you with the best products: top quality!


Where can we find you?

You can’t!
We’re based in a deep dungeon somewhere on this planet.
Why? Because we need to be focused. Focused on providing you with the best deals, the best products and an oooh and aaah experience while shopping!

What about shipping times?

We’re pleased to offer you longer shipping times than when you buy at Walmart or any of the other companies mentioned above.
Yup, longer shipping times!

We work globally. We sell globally but also buy globally in order to offer you cute, special and unique products.
We ship directly from our partners all over the world so things take a bite longer to arrive: sometimes up to 2 or 3 weeks.
But hey, that way you have some more time to look forward to one of our awesome products. When the product arrives, you’ll be happy… very happy!

To make up for longer delivery times, we provide tracking options so you’ll always know where your product is and when you can expect it to arrive.